One of the major programs at Give-A-Book is donating sets of Accelerated Reader books to school libraries.  The Accelerated Reader program is used in schools to encourage literacy and reading. Most schools have an incentive program to encourage the students to read the books which are assigned points based on their reading level. After reading the book, the student takes a computerized test to acquire points. Students are awarded based on their points.

An important part of our work is partnering with Education foundations, Literacy councils, civic organizations, churches, and businesses to provide AR books to school libraries. 

Library books pass through many hands and the library is always in need of new books. Most schools have received very little funding or none at all for replacement library books in recent years. 

 A donation of $750 will provide a set of one hundred library and hardbound AR books to a school of your choice.  This is approximately one third retail value of the books. We provide the donating partner with the set of books for them to personally deliver to the school library.

This is a great outreach program that directly benefits your local community and school. It is a great way to support the enhancement of reading and literacy of the children in your community. And your money goes a long way with the amount and quality of the books being donated. Your local school would be thrilled for you to offer them sets of new AR reading books!

You may have tangible wealth untold; caskets of jewels and coffers of gold. Richer than I you can never be. I had a mother who read to me.
— Strickland Gillian

Examples of recent donations:

The Greater George County Education Foundation partnered with Give-A-Book to provide every school in George County Mississippi a set of AR reading books.

George County Times Article

Wilmer United Methodist Church partnered with Give-A-Book to provide the Wilmer Elementary School library with a set of AR books.

Area churches supported their local school by Partnering with Give-A-Book to provide Tanner Williams Elementary School with a set of AR books. In addition, one of the churches,  Tanner Willams UMC sponsors an end of the year Millionaire party and Award celebration for the millionaires, those reading a million words. Thank you photo is posted on the Give-A-Book Facebook page. 

The Perdido Key Rotary Club and the Big Lagoon Kiwanis Clubs in Northwest Florida partnered with Give-A-Book to provide sets of AR books to six schools in the West Pensacola area in 2014. In 2015 they added an additional school library donating 700 AR books in total. Give-A-Book is proud to be a part of this amazing and well structured project again in 2016! Photos of the presentations are on the above links.