Our Give-A-Book Mission:

Our primary mission trips are designed to donate sets of books to schools in Costa Rica. The schools are carefully selected and usually have very few or no books at all. The books are new and are in Spanish, bi-lingual and simple English. The schools receive approximately 150 books creating a small library and providing an invaluable resource for teachers and students.

Teams raise funds for the books, usually around $800 per school. The mission team will go to the warehouse in San Jose to help compile the books into the sets for delivery to the schools. Most teams will visit five to six schools during the course of their trip. The books are presented to the school at an official ceremony. After the ceremony, team members interact with the students in the classroom using the donated materials. Team members will also lead the students in recreational activities, followed by a snack or meal with the students.

As with all of our mission trips, ample time is scheduled for sight-seeing and cultural activities.


Our Give-A-Book Peace Corps Mission:

Give-A-Book has been partnering with Peace Corps Volunteers by providing books to schools and creating libraries where Peace Corps Volunteers serve for nearly 15 years. Due to continuous requests, this mission is encompassing all regions of the country creating an extra unique experience for team members. Mission teams will make sets of books in our warehouse and travel to various regions in Costa Rica where PCV serve. This mission offers an invaluable service to the communities we visit, while team members explore and sight-see in various regions of this breathtaking country. 


Our Give-A-Book Ministry to Mothers Mission:

Give-A-Book partners with Christian author, Melissa Heiland for a very special mission trip to Costa Rica. Melissa is the author of "A Mother's Comfort" written for expectant mothers, and "A Mother's Journey" written for mothers during their babies' first year. The mission is designed to partner with churches and prenatal care centers in Costa Rica to minister to expecting mothers, new mothers and their children. Melissa and those assisting her will hold a workshop for the women while the rest of the team lead their children in a fiesta. We will donate Melissa's books, which are available in Spanish, to the women and also a children's book to each of the children. Please contact us for additional information and to register as a participant in the mission team.

Melissa Heiland is a wife and mother of six. She holds a master's degree in education. She has been involved with pregnancy care ministry since 1994. She is active at a prenatal center in central Florida and is the founder of Beautiful Feet International which operates three prenatal centers in Costa Rica.


Our Give-A-Book Christmas Fiestas:

Mission teams travel to Costa Rica during the Christmas Season (first half of December) to hold Christmas Fiestas at local churches. This ministry enables the local churches to reach out to the children in their community to share the love and joy of Christmas as we celebrate Christ's birth. A Christmas book and a fun book are given to each child that attends the fiesta. The host church begins the Fiesta gathering the children with songs and dance. The Christmas book is then read with the children, followed by a craft related to the story. The mission team leads the children in games and refreshments including a birthday cake and singing happy birthday to Jesus. We also provide a piñata for the children to enjoy. The fiesta ends with giving the gifts of books and candy to the children. Photos from previous Christmas Fiestas can be viewed on our Facebook Page.


Our Give-A-Book Eye Clinic Mission:

Give-A-Book is proud to host Eye Clinic Missions in Costa Rica.  If you can't see, you can't read. We work with licensed Eye Doctors and technicians. These missions reach rural areas and are designed to give the poor an eye exam and provide a custom made pair of eye glasses for those needing a prescription. We refer those needing additional care to the appropriate providers. The clinics are usually held in a school or church. Dr. Doug Reynolds, of Pensacola, makes the glasses in his lab for the prescriptions written during each clinic. When the glasses are finished, they are sent back to Costa Rica with a returning team. We raise $10 per pair of glasses. With the eye clinics, we combine providing books to the schools in the community where we are holding the clinic. The eye clinic missions are made up of an eye doctor and an optician who conduct the clinic along with the remaining team members who aid and act as support in conducting the clinic. 


Mission with SIGA:

Give-A-Book is proud to partner with missionary Ruth Clowater and SIGA Ministries. We have had a long standing partnership with Ruth and her vital ministry in the Sarapiqui Region of Costa Rica. Give-A-Book has provided books for SIGA's Community Library in Arbolitos, for their floating library, for area schools, dictionaries for students and books for their Christmas Fiestas. We encourage teams to go on a real Jungle Cruise as you travel by boat to Ruth's and to the villages along the Sarapiqi and San Juan Rivers where Ruth is engaged in ministry. Contact us to plan a custom designed mission trip in support and partnership with SIGA. Check out SIGA on Facebook.

The very existence of libraries affords the best evidence that we may have hope for the future of man
— T.S. Eliot